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Tenerife Rent A Boat

Rigid Inflatable Boats

No License needed

We have brand new boats with a 15hp engine. Enjoy the south coast of Tenerife from a different perspective. The boats are very easy and safe to use. We explain a very easy to follow map where you will be able to discover the real beauty of our island, such as beautiful beaches, marine animals, spectacular caves, even do some snorkeling with the friendly turtles. It’s the best way to see the islands natural beauty.
It’s fun for all the family and a perfect way for romantic couples to spend some quality time together as it’s the only activity on the island you can do with no guide.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime… with Tenerife rent a boat.
Rent a boat no license and no guide needed.

1 Hour

Normal Price

50 €

Only Online

40 €

2 Hours

Normal Price

100 €

Only Online

80 €

3 Hours

Normal Price

120 €

Only Online

96 €

4 Hours

Normal Price

160 €

Only Online

128 €

6 Hours

Normal Price

220 €

Only Online

176 €

8 Hours

Normal Price

280 €

Only Online

256 €


Terms and Condition

Is very important to know that when you book a boat from us, you agree to our terms and conditions. We will do our best to provide high-quality services for boat hire, but sometimes things can go a bit different from what we planned.

Please find below more information about our Terms and conditions.

  • No license is required for handling a motorboat up to 15 hp.
  • Valid Boat Driving license needed to rent the boat with an engine bigger than 15 hp. You must have the driving boat license with you.
  • Valid National ID and mobile phone with you.
  • The boat is insured for accidents with third parties.
  • Tenerife rent a boat not be liable for loss or damage of property to the client during the rental.
  • Be responsible for extra hire fees if the boat is late in being returned for any reason except if such lateness is caused by the failure of the engine.
  • Be liable to the Company for all damage to the boat, its contents and equipment caused by the Hirer’s unreasonable behaviour or misuse of the vessel.
  • Return the boat after hire in the same state and condition as it was when it was hired.

    Tenerife rent a Boat

    • Instruct the Hirer how to operate all safety and other equipment on board the boat and instruct the Hirer how to operate the engine.
    • Ensure that the boat and its equipment are in a functional state during the hire and that there is sufficient fuel for the hire.

      The customer agrees and accepts:

    • Early return of the vessel does not entitle the customer a refund claim.
    • The maximum distance of vessel from the coast should not exceed 2 miles.
    • You ensure that all members of the party comply with these terms and conditions.

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